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Dinàmica is a team focused on the development of building and public space projects.

We understand the project as the result of the contributions of all those involved in the process: internal team, collaborators, clients and users.


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We know the potential of a multidisciplinary approach and we are part of a network of specialised collaborators that we call on depending on the requirements of each project.


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We believe in sustainable growth, capable of adapting to new interests, and we are committed to training and expanding our knowledge as the basis for the development of our team.

We recognise in architecture the capacity to transform and add value, and we find in each project the opportunity to respond with involvement and responsibility.

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  • Ada Sánchez Arcusa

    Architect - Founder

    ETSAB - Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (2013)

    International BIM Manager (2016)





    Have been part of our projects:

    Marta Gallart Villacampa

    Marina Paredes Sánchez

    Berta Gelabert de Trincheria

    Ainoa Sarrabayrouse Freytes

    Daniel Hurtado Lazcano


  • CVC ingenieros

    CVC ingenieros

    MEP, structural and civil engineering


  • Ingenieros Asociados S.A.

    Ingenieros Asociados S.A.

    Civil engineering


  • Ivan Gomez Freijo

    Ivan Gomez Freijo

    Construction Manager  - QS

    Construction Manager  - QS


  • Lliró Enginyers

    Lliró Enginyers

    MEP engineering


  • Ma+Sa arquitectura

    Ma+Sa arquitectura

    Architecture and structural engineering


  • RODA Barcelona

    RODA Barcelona


    Architecture studio


  • Daniel Gómez de Zamora

    Daniel Gómez de Zamora

    Biologist and Landscape Architect

    Lansdcape architecture