Be Water

Portrait of Be Water

Competition for the new Ca n'Horta public swimming-pool in Gavà

Second prize

The proposal is committed to minimizing the impact of the new facilities on landscape, taking advantage of the program possibilities of outdoor use by segregating it into different volumes. This decision, apart from reducing the visual impact, allows a great program flexibility and phasing.

The proposed system is linked to the Masia and also to the surroundings at lower levels, promoting the use of the new pieces as complementary buildings to the sports facilities planned in the area in contact with the C-245.

Portrait of Be Water Portrait of Be Water

The project is located in an area of ​​special urban and landscape interest in the municipality of Gavà. Calamot Park is a key transition point between the natural system between the Garraf Natural Park and the urban area of Gavà, understood as an opportunity to bring greenery closer to the municipality and offer spaces to enjoy activities related to nature. The proximity to metropolitan scale infrastructures and the planned urban developments are considered very relevant conditions for the entire Calamot Park area, and consequently for the conception of any project that is part of it.

Portrait of Be Water

To formalize the proposal, a language of orthogonal pieces adapted to the shape of the plot is created; this allows the requirements of the different planned activities to be solved pragmatically, both those related to the buildings and related to the swimming pools. The indoor and outdoor uses are linked through the pavement and connected under a pergola that integrates the whole set in the language of the park. The interstices between pieces allow the visual and ecological continuity of the area as a whole, generating filter, meeting and access spaces.

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