Jardins del Rec

Portrait of Jardins del Rec

Project for Jardins del Rec in Montcada i Reixac

The project interprets the surroundings of the Hotel d'Entitats as an opportunity to increase the green space and connect the road network of the municipality, promoting new relationships, circulations and uses, while offering new flexible public spaces in the neighbourhood.

This idea is formalised mainly through an open space that contains the greenery and the different uses; it is directly related to the Hotel d'Entitats through its southern façade and resolves the limits of the area with the incorporation of new green areas.

Portrait of Jardins del Rec Portrait of Jardins del Rec

Three subareas can be distinguished by their location and characteristics:

1. Connection C. Viver - C. Reixagó: an accessible connection is proposed, extending the current stairs and incorporating a ramp around an existing large mulberry tree. It also incorporates the signage corresponding to a pedestrian crossing on Carrer Reixagó, to facilitate crossing on the opposite pavement of greater width and the connection with the stairs leading to Passatge Reixagó.

2. Central space: this is a large space characterised by the presence of vegetation, where the play and leisure areas are located. This central space is linked to Carrer Reixagó by means of a plant slope and steps that help to minimise the impact of the difference in height from the street. It is configured as a single space but it is proposed to differentiate the play areas and benches to facilitate its use. Another large green area with the function of SUDS separates the new public space from the dividing walls of Calle del Carril.

3. Connection Plaça del Rec: the central area is connected to Plaça del Rec through an inclined plane that takes advantage of the pre-existing configuration and through stairs directly from the pedestrian walkway.

Portrait of Jardins del Rec Portrait of Jardins del Rec
Typology Public space
Area 1.930 m²
Developer Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona - Ajuntament de Montcada i Reixach
Architect Ada Sánchez Arcusa
Dinàmica Team Marta Gallart
Partners cvc ingenieros (civil and structural eng.), Daniel Gómez de Zamora (vegetation)
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