Santa Eulàlia *

Portrait of Santa Eulàlia *

Schematic design for the coverage of the outdoor sports courts in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana

* Collaboration for B2B Arquitectes

The main objective of the proposal is the covering of the outdoor courts and understands the action as an opportunity to improve the functioning dynamics of the whole of the facilities area. The execution of the covering inevitably involves affecting the perimeter of the area and it is therefore considered appropriate to consider solutions that improve relations with the immediate surroundings, such as grandstands or perimeter spaces with complementary uses.

Portrait of Santa Eulàlia * Portrait of Santa Eulàlia *

The project is committed to the covering of two regulation basketball courts and the maintenance of a third outdoor court, also regulation. It is considered that for the purposes of volumetric integration and relations with the surroundings, the construction of only two phases is the most appropriate solution, as it allows a better integration of the new large volume.

With regard to the roofing structure, a three-phase strategy is proposed to facilitate the feasibility of the project. A truss structure is proposed that follows the alignment and rhythm of the existing pavilion.

* Collaboration for: B2B Arquitectes
Typology Sports facility
Developer Diputació de Barcelona
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