Protegim les escoles

Portrait of Protegim les escoles

Tactical intervention in the surroundings of the two schools delimited by Fluvià and Huelva streets, Barcelona


The proposal is based on a tactical intervention that gains space on the roadway by incorporating living, play and protection spaces. The same language is used throughout the project, seeking forms adaptable to each of the situations that arise.

A large unified area is created that incorporates new spaces linked to the use of the two schools, but also to the rest of the neighbours.

Portrait of Protegim les escoles Portrait of Protegim les escoles

Through the paint and the urban furniture, pockets of use are generated that gather the space into smaller areas, whose function is materialised by the colour of the paint used (waiting areas associated with the entrances to the schools, games in the chamfered area as a link between the two and spaces to stay along Carrer Fluvià).

With regard to the formalisation of the proposal, an organic language is chosen that responds to the reproduction of the lines of nature by freely defining the functions of the space and by differentiating itself from the straight lines of road traffic, trying to ensure that these geometries are not limited to the horizontal plane. The flexibility of the forms makes it possible to drive vehicles and to visually indicate the position of pedestrian crossings and fords with the same language, facilitating accessibility for all users.

Typology Competition - Public Space - Selected
Developer BIM/SA - Ajuntament de Barcelona
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