Emili Mira

Portrait of Emili Mira

Fully accessible play area in Plaça Emili Mira, in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

The proposal aims to integrate the programme of leisure activities into the surroundings of the square while maintaining the quiet character of the area.

In this sense, a configuration is proposed that guarantees an accessible route in the play area while respecting the alignments of the square and the preferential circulations. As a result of this initial decision and the desire to integrate the most significant pre-existing trees into the space, 4 sub-areas of play have been created: 3 dynamic play areas and 1 quiet play area.

Portrait of Emili Mira

In order to adapt to the shape of the pre-existing trees and to house the greatest number of play elements, an organic language was chosen to define the rubber surfaces associated with dynamic play.

Portrait of Emili Mira Portrait of Emili Mira

Understanding that the use of rubber will inevitably lead to the use of colour on a large part of the surface, the project constructs a discourse by associating the 3 sub-areas of dynamic play with the three petals that make up a Bougainvillea flower, which is very common in the area. In this line, small rubber hills are proposed in each of the areas, which favour this organic vision of the proposal.

This idea has the didactic aim of highlighting the value of nature, while at the same time giving a differentiated character to the play area, making it easily identifiable to encourage a sense of belonging to the users.

In addition to rubber paving, the project is committed to the use of materials that minimise the environmental impact of the proposal.The use of wood is proposed for the main furniture elements (benches and perimeter fence), as well as a sandstone pavement stabilised with natural conglomerates along the main circulation axis.

Typology Public space
Area 530 m²
Developer BIM/SA - Ajuntament de Barcelona
Architect Ada Sánchez Arcusa
Dinàmica Team Marta Gallart, Marina Paredes, Berta Gelabert
Partners cvc ingenieros (instalaciones, estructura y control de costes)
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